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The Order of the Ministers of the Infirm – Philippine Province

Official name of the Order: Order Of The Ministers Of The Infirm
Popular name:  Camillians
Initial:  MI

The sick entrusted to the care of the Philippine Province living the fullness of human dignity and the Gospel values incarnated in their culture.

The consecrated men commit themselves to a contextualized proclamation of the Gospel values by promoting human dignity in their service to the sick.

  1. To exercise the corporal and spiritual works of mercy toward the sick
  2. To sensitize the ecclesial community and the healthcare world of the dignity of the sick, by promoting a service based on authentic human values in accordance with Christian ethical principles.
  3. To collaborate in the promotion of a culture of life and healthcare founded in Christian vision of man.
  4. To deepen the knowledge of the Charism of the Order, and engage in the practical application of the same, through collaboration with the Camillian religious in evangelizing and humanizing the healthcare world, and in missionary initiatives
  5. To treasure prayer both as an effective apostolic instrument and as an aid to faithfully cope with the difficulties involved in illness.  The members of the Camillian Family are open to collaborating in the service of the sick with those of other religious.
  6. To enhance the role of the sick as evangelizers within the ecclesial community.
  7. To cultivate fraternity within the Camillian Family through mutual spiritual and material aid, so that every member may experience support especially moments in difficulty